the end of devOps

The last month I used some of my time to learn and remember some stuff about devOps, linux, git repositories, setting up servers and the use of tools like cron. As I said some of this activities were more to remember knowledge that I mostly had in my networks classes or operative systems; but in the majority this activities were new to me, some of them I never tried them before and I have to say it was fun.

Part 1part 2, and part 3 of my adventure learning some of devOps can be found on those links in another of my blog entries. You’re free to read them, those are short and maybe funny. I will summarize for you what you will found if decide to read the posts:

In part 1 I wrote about how wrong we are people with the concept of devOps, like it’s completely different of what we think, well not that completely but yeah no ones knows exactly what it means or what to do when working on DevOps.

In part 2 I installed a linux distribution with a virtual machine in my laptop along with python and java and some other tools to start working with DevOps, basically was setting up the environment to be able to do something.

In part 3 we started working! This was a difficult task, I had to create cron jobs, and start automating stuff of my repo using my my tiny  and slow window of linux, it was fun though, but I don’t think this is something I would do for living haha.

In general I loved/hated this activities because:

  1. Is something a haven’t done in a while, so doing something different from what I am used to is good, it’s like relax BUT at the same time I got stressed out because of the things I didn’t knew I could do, learning new stuff is always a challenge, but gaining knowledge is the best reward you can ask.
  2. Again I used tools like virtual machines, linux and commands I am not used to, it was very fun watching me trying to use a different OS in a virtual machine (which changed its layout since the last time I used one), but I don’t like to be stressed.


Yeah, I recommend this kind of activities very much, as I said in my blog post about unit testing with python, learning new stuff -even if it’s not what you want to do- is an experience you should never let go. Go and learn something new, start a new course, watch documentaries, play a new game, just don’t stay where you are because you are comfortable. Enjoy life and get the most of it in every situation.

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