Plan week 11

This week we will continue working with the implementation of the app in relation to the api of google maps, we will perform GPS location tests and so on.

We hope at least finish this part, the map view and the current location sending in intervals of n meters away to be able to present it in the next week presentation, that also we will have to prepare it.

Review Week 10

For this week we did work with the Google Maps API by adding it to our application. The main concern was to add some functionality to the app using the maps, but while working on it we realized we still need to figure it out what exactly will the user see in the app, just their location or what. We already can do that in our app, so we kinda accomplish what we proposed but its not finished yet.

Plan Week 10

For this week the main task is to follow the work with the Google maps API integration. We already inserted it into our app, but we still haven’t connected it yet to the functionality of the app. So for this week two main points:

  • Correctness of the google api integration.
  • Add functionality, we need to do something with the maps and not just showing them (that’s useless).

Plan week 9

This week we will start with the integration of google maps. Remembering the project mockups, we need to be able to display the map, get our current location and also show our position reflected there. Maybe (pending) we will show also information about nearer places.

So we will start trying to develop the map screen and at least be able to make other needed google maps api’s requests although we still do not show/draw the answer.

Weekly plan #7

This week the plan is to finish the mockups along with the functional requirements.

With this we expect to end the week with a demo presentation about how the system should work using the mockups and flow diagrams. Also, we expect to have some code this week, but not for the presentation purposes.