Review week 5

This week we were able to generate the following screen designs:


The first one will be the initial screen of the application, we just have the logo and the input for the bici’s code that the user will have to enter in order to map their information with its bicycle. The splash screen will be similar, white background and the logo will be launched.

Then we have the permissions screen, a topic that we previously discussed, where we clearly ask the user for share with the app his location.

Later on, we have the map screens where the user will be able to see his location, general information of places and to end up their journey. While he does not click the button, application will be saving its coordinates every time user moves 10 mts.

We are also thinking about putting other screens to give the user more relevant information about their journey, for example distance, speed, total time, etc. But this is not really important for the goal of this project, it could simply give it more value as a cyclist application.

Weekly plan #5

This week, according to the ideas that the whole team has collected in the previous weeks, we will finish defining the screens of which the application will consist.

Finally we will make designs, our mockups, for based on them to program the views. Together we will share opinions and generate the general idea, but Gabriel is the one who will illustrate the designs.

At this moment, we are clear that we will use the logo of “mibici”


and in general we will use those colors for the theme of the application.

Weekly review, week #4

Last week we focused on continue developing the requirements for our app. It is very important to have well defined our requirements, functional and non functional. Some points we have defined so far are

  • Development of an iOS app.
  • Native app developed using the Xcode tools.
  • Use of API’s for location services as google maps.
  • The design must be simple to the user with not many features but the ones that may cover the main functionality.
  • A Non-Relational database as MongoDB or FireBase.
  • The app must be available all the time.

Concerning the user interface we have opted for a simple as it can be design for the commodity of the user. We are still figuring out how the final design will look. We know what elements will our app have, but we still don’t know exactly how it will look.

We look like we are a little bit slow in the development, but this stage of the project is crucial for how the project will be developed later. We hope to have all well defined so no more changes be necessary later in the development.


This week we will start with the technical planning of the application. We will generate the backlog according to what, we have investigated and agreed, at the moment, is fundamental for our development flow.

Since Gabriel is the one who has more experience working with native applications for iOS, he will define the tasks about project configuration and initialization. From then on we will write the tasks related to the configuration of firebase, what we need according to the design ui of the application as design of views and generation of assets, etc. To avoid inconvenience, we will define all tasks with detailed description and acceptance criteria.

At the end of the week, because of the Project Management class, an interview will be held with Bosch, to finish clarifying some doubts regarding the requirements of the original project,  but it may be relevant for us to define the way in which the data that we will analyze later will be treated and stored.

For this phase we will use a board in trello:

Weekly Plan #2 – W/Review

Last week we started getting the hang of Xcode. Making some playground files and coding in swift. We had some problems with the organization and couldn’t do the specifications for the app.

That’s why for this week we will be making the specfiications so later on we can base our progress on those specifications.

  • Start making specifications for app


UPDATE/REVIEW – February 3, 2019

This week we spent most of the time thinking of ways to tell the user that their data is being collected without them raising concerns about it. This is because as a developer we must always be ethical in our decisions, telling up front everything to the user. Especially when their data is being collected.

Weekly Plan #1 Smart Cities – W/Review

This week the plan is to download the necessary tools and start investigating on things we will need in the development process later on.

The overall tasks will be:

  • Download Xcode and start developing simple tests to familiarize with platform
  • Start making specifications for app
  • Start a mockup of what will be the final app



For this week we spend most of the time organizing activities between the team, what programs we would need to acomplish our goals, future posible problems like security of our users and a possibly of how the design of the app could it be.

On this week we still didn´t have an appointment with Ken because we still were intalling all the things we mentioned before.








The beginning


The project is oriented to be an extension of a bike rebalancing predictive system for the Guadalajara Bike Sharing System (BSS) called “MIBICI”, which will use the public data available through the local government BSS webpage.

We will develop a bike user application where the user will be able to show himself as “connected” and enter the key of the bicycle he is using. Each time the user travels n meters away, he will send his location, latitude and longitude, in such a way that we will be able to know in real time where a determined bicycle is, and at the end of the travel we will also have the complete route that the user followed.

The recollection of this date will be useful to know which are the busiest routes, which can be very useful to make decisions regarding infrastructure improvements as creation of bicycle lanes, more bicycle collection or battery charging points, etc; or even lucrative purposes such as what is the best position for a point of sale of energy drinks, sportswear, and more others.