Review week #9

After finishing what we had pending about the mockups and the presentation of our advances, we continue with the planning of  what we are going to use for our app and  also how we could do it. So, some ideas that the team had were:  continuing with the idea of developing our applications for an iOS enviroment, were we are implementing it in native. And also with that we are working in the integration of Google maps and with it the geolocalization.

We had a good start of the week by plannung these, but unfortunately we could´t go to the reunion with ken for feedback.

Review Week 6 – Finishing mockups

The plan for this week was  to see what we needed to finish: the UI mockups and some other requirements, for that reasons we went to talk with Ken about our advances principally the part where we tell our users about the use of their “personal information” for our app, we show him our privacy message and well he made us some recomendations of a more friendly way to ask for this, and we are changing this.

Also another one was to try to make modifications to our way to show the gps location of our users .


These are some of the things that we have to correct before continuing with the test of the application, we will continue seeing what else we need to improve before having a first beta version.