Weekly Plan #2 – W/Review

Last week we started getting the hang of Xcode. Making some playground files and coding in swift. We had some problems with the organization and couldn’t do the specifications for the app.

That’s why for this week we will be making the specfiications so later on we can base our progress on those specifications.

  • Start making specifications for app


UPDATE/REVIEW – February 3, 2019

This week we spent most of the time thinking of ways to tell the user that their data is being collected without them raising concerns about it. This is because as a developer we must always be ethical in our decisions, telling up front everything to the user. Especially when their data is being collected.

Weekly Plan #1 Smart Cities – W/Review

This week the plan is to download the necessary tools and start investigating on things we will need in the development process later on.

The overall tasks will be:

  • Download Xcode and start developing simple tests to familiarize with platform
  • Start making specifications for app
  • Start a mockup of what will be the final app



For this week we spend most of the time organizing activities between the team, what programs we would need to acomplish our goals, future posible problems like security of our users and a possibly of how the design of the app could it be.

On this week we still didn´t have an appointment with Ken because we still were intalling all the things we mentioned before.