Social Cohesion

In my last weekly post I talked about the top cities in the world and why are they the top cities in the world. One of the categories that called my attention was the social cohesion so I went into it to know what this is about and why Helsinki is the top city in this category. Btw, I didn’t know where Helsinki was and it turns out it is the capital of Finland (pretends to be shocked).

So, wikiprogress define social cohesion as a cohesive society that.

  • Works toward the well being of all its members
  • Fights exclusion and marginalisation
  • Creates a sense of belonging
  • Promotes trust
  • Offers its members the opportunity of upward mobility (rising from a lower to a higher social class or status)

A cohesive society is characterized by resilient social relationships, a positive emotional connectedness between its members and the community and a pronounced focus on the common good.

According to the same study I mentioned in my previous post (The top 50 smart cities in the world), Helsinki improved its overall ranking by seven places from last year and nine places from 2015, which was used as the reference year for the index. “Helsinki is a fine city. And it wants to be even finer in the future. This index is another expression of how Helsinki has managed to take leaps forward in a short period of time”, says Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

It shouldn’t be strange to see a Finland’s city in this top due to all we know about Finland. And what we now? well, at contrary of what we are used to, I have never heard or read bad news from this nordic country. Actually I don’t know much about it, but what I’ve always known is that the citizens in there live happy, they have one of the highest educational levels and poverty is like a myth to them (seriously, a friend told me how the Finnish reacted when the saw poor in Colombia and they just said “I can’t believe this is real”).

Talking about Mexico in this, yes, we love each other but at the same time we talk trash about each other, we are constantly fighting against the government and something that is sadly true in Mexico is that is hard for us accept other people success, we don’t accept that people may be rich while others are poor and certainly we expect government solves our problems while we don’t want to study. Is a circle of never ending bad thoughts and goals.

Ok, I started just happy writing this post about how well a country can be, and now I’m sad thinking of when my country could be at that level. Soon I hope. I love my country and the people who are with me and I really hope I can do something for Mexico, I want to see it grow as my grandparents never did.


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