The smart citizens we are

The title for this entry isn’t correct. I feel like I am not being a smart citizen, well more like a not smart student because I have been having trouble dealing with how I manage my time and tasks/homework/social life/relationship (HA! I don’t have one 😂😔). But here I am, doing my blog entry for the week 2 in our week 4 😀

Well, if I can recall well, in the second week we had our first meeting as a team for the final project. I knew all my team partners since ever (4 years) except for one: David. I liked the guy, he is nice and also is with me in another class, we noticed it after we made the team. I am also working with Gabo, my friend since first semester and one of the people I most trust in the world (for specific things, he is dumb in few aspect of his life) and Constanza, the girl I met in my 3rd semester and who never stops of amazing me, I love to work with her because of how she makes me push harder so she doesn’t go in front of me. I love this guys.

Talking about the class, we decided we would do a mobile app for showing the users where the public bicycles of the city are located and also we take some data from their trips using them. With their permissions obviously.

So, Gabo is the only person with experience in mobile development, we decided to be iOS because Constanza and I hated android studio when we were partners int the mobile development class and had to make an android app. David is not an ISC so he hasn’t experience at all, but he is fine trying new things and we know he will do it just fine.

So, that’s it. We decided how are we gonna work knowing what strengths and weakness of the team are. Yup, that’s it. Peace.



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