Second test

Okay, I have not wrote any blog entry since my first blog post explaining what this blog would be about. The topic is the same, Software quality and testing. Now it has been three or maybe four weeks since the course began and I have to say, I haven’t been so much into it. I mean, I like the course and the topic, but for personal reasons I haven’t giving my best trying to learn.

Don’t misunderstand me, I have not been doing research about the course, BUT I have been having work experience with related to this. True, I didn’t say that about me, I am currently working as a frontend developer and yes, you may think (I used to) that there is no testing or QA in fronted development, but oh my carrot, there is a lot of testing. Actually, when I’m about to finish a component for a web app or something we always joke saying “I finished the task, now I have to wait for Dara to say it is wrong” because it’s true, there’s always something the designer don’t like how it looks or how it feels and we know the importance of user experience, so we always have in mind those little corrections we know we will have to do. So yeah, there is a lot of QA in frontend development.

In rare cases the page is approved without corrections and then it’s like:


Well, keeping with what the class has been for me, I have missed some of them, hope it doesn’t make me miss the semester 😬. Agh, hate that I get distracted by my thoughts so easily. Okay, in the class we have worked about our final project, I don’t know if I discussed it already but you can see what’s it about in my other entries about smart cities (another course) and it begins in here: The beginning.

Now, the class has been focused on work on the project with some discussion about the chapters in the book we use for the class (highly recommended: Introduction to Software Testing-Cambridge University Press (2017)) and we do some quizzes about that using (I love it) -I have been doing just greatly horrible in these- but I have learn stuff like Edison was the first person that talked or used the word bug as we do. (something like that, hope I’m right, in case I am not I would say I’m joking and I do it for making the blog entry more fun 🙂).

Well, also we have been using JUnit for unit testing in java (long time ago without programming in java) and I have to say it works just fine, would be helpful if we would know about this since 2nd semester in our object oriented programming class instead of teaching us about graphics in java (they suck).

Okay, this class has been fun, I like it, I like the attitude, everything is great. Peace, I’ll end here. Love u.


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