How is it goin’, city

I missed the class for week three BUT I am good citizen, I think. Yeah, didn’t do a research about what my classmates studied in the class, but now I am available for everything they want to show me (don’t do an albur joke, please).

What I know we did (because I was there) was to getting together and plan how are we gonna deal with the data we collect from the users of the mobile app, they need to know they will share the info with us and have to agree in doing it, otherwise we would just be a new baby facebook.

So, we went to a meeting with our professor and discussed about that and… we didn’t reach a solution, but we were close. Actually while a was on my way to the meeting in the bus a realized we could do something like I was doing in that moment. Let me explain myself better, I am not a user of busses, I am new at this because of my new job, so I downloaded an app called Moovit which tells you how the public transport works in the city, THANK YOU.

Well, this app asks you if you want to a part of a world movement helping all the community to save the world by sharing your data and giving comments or feedback once in a while. I AM CLEARLY EXAGGERATING but it’s kinda true. They have like a forum where the users share their info and report of a problem with the app or the system or their lives. Anyway, I think that the simple fact of being part of a community that helps the others and the app recognize you for that is something good for you in exchange for giving the info, is like they increase your ego by using public transportation. Maravillosa Jugada.

Yeah, so I thought that the user would agree to share their info just by the simple fact people love to help others IF everybody knows about that, so we share they are good citizens and they tells us where the bikes are.

We haven’t decided how exactly will be, but in my personal blog I speak for myself and I say we do that. Peace.


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