Three golden rules

During this course we have learned a lot about security, our task during this semester is to create a solution to help children in elementary school to learn mathematics, and of course we have to take care of its own security.

There’s a lot of rules that can help us in order to secure a system. I found one, that made me laugh a lot, this post says that the three golden rules for not having security issues were: do not own a computer, do not turn it on and do not use it. Of course that’s not useful for us.

So, we need to set other rules, and these are the ones I found:

  1. Review repeated times the code and test the security often. This means prioritizing and knowing the strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Continuous development. World changes everyday and security must, as well.
  3. Managers must take responsibilities. I think security is a task that developers and managers should be responsible of, but yeah, all the responsibility will lie in the manager, so, the manager should be more worried about it.

Security measures should be taken for our project, because it will work with people’s information. The rules listed above must be applied on it. Testing it many times, to assure that the methods are correctly implemented, offering maintenance services for sure and assuming the responsibility as long as it is used correctly.


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