Security architecture and policies

If you’re developing a software to provide a service, you must consider a security architecture. Which is a platform where every single thing is where it has to be, easy to maintain and recover. Security must be included within the architecture of the system.

The construction of a system can be in different ways, and there’s a lot of factors that affect the how well the system is built. For example, a big amount of preassure, allowing inexperienced programmers to do changes or wait just for the time to pass without changing anything. At last, you will not be able to test the system, making it fragile. Fortunately, we can reengineer everything.

You need to understand the technology for this. But don’t worry, if you don’t, you just need to take some time to do research or go out and ask someone that knows about it. No matter how long it takes to you to understand it, security is always a way to save time and money. Considering a good security architecture ensures to run nice, and that further security applications will be easy to implement.


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