Cryptography is not just secret messages, mainly because those messages are not secret. An encrypted message can be read for anyone, or at least try, because its just a senseless disaster. And that’s not bad, it is planned to be a disaster. To read an encrypted message you need a key, making it a man-made art. The origins of an encrypted messages are really old (recall the Enigma code!).

Encryption is the safest way to keep information and assure a safe data transfer. Servers have five basic services to guarantee security (listed below), these are implemented through security services, so encryption is a matter of confidentiality.

  • Confidentiality (protecting data)
  • Integrity (unchanged data)
  • Accountability (protection in communication)
  • Authentication (confirm identity)
  • Availability (services accessible).

Trusted third parties, public key infrastructure and the story of Bob and Alice are basic concepts of cryptography:

  • A trusted third party helps to trust connections between Internet environments.
  • Keys:
    • Symmetric, that uses a single key
    • Asymmetric, that uses a pair of keys.
  • Bob and Alice deals with certificates. Bob and Alice can trust each other because of the trusted third party which authenticates through the certificates.

Cryptography is a wise option to protect data and avoid data transfer.


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